Design and implement the program in the Direct Sales Channel based on the organization's maturity startup analysis.


Design and implement the program in a Partner channel based on the Partner's startup maturity analysis.


Cooperation with C-Level from both the Enterprise and Public sectors as part of building a personal brand on LinkedIn.


Presentations to build commitment and inspiration
based on today's B2B customer requirements and modern sales.


Przemysław Jabłoński

B2B marketing Manager at Canon Polska

We invited Kasia to speak with us due to her extensive corporate sales experience and the fact that we needed to implement a social selling program. In our conversations, she captured our attention with honest, open communication and her consistency in doing online and live presentations. Kasia, although immeshed in marketing structures, effectively showed the sales perspective necessary to implement a social selling program. As part of the cooperation, Kasia supported and implemented other projects at Canon Polska, including implementing a prospecting role into the structures, building a content marketing strategy or and standardizing prospecting processes. Two personal qualities that I value in Kasia the most are an extremely professional approach to ongoing projects and an excellent ability to build relationships with colleagues. If I had to make the decision again today — to appoint Kasia to implement our social selling program — I would undoubtedly make the same one. 

Marta Ciach

Digital Marketing Professional at Canon EMEA

I am lucky to have met Kasia on my professional path. Due to our paths crossing, we were able to do a project together: LinkedIn Potential . She successfully developed, implemented and led the sales team at Canon through the entire Social Selling and Employee Advocacy process . I appreciate Kasia for her business approach to work, for understanding the clients' needs, for skilfully combining marketing and sales, for her project managerial instinct , for her professionalism (both inside and outside the organization) and for her education and intelligence :-) Thanks you Kasia for your cooperation.

Barbara Dzida

Head of Marketing w Bibby Financial Services Polska

If I had to name an expert in the field of Social Selling, without a doubt, it would be Katarzyna Sitarska. I am impressed with the commitment she brought to this project: the analysis of our product and the market environment as well as the specifics of our e j company. She made sure that the presented knowledge and recommended solutions perfectly met our needs. Kasia is a professional focused on the goal/solution. She is also a nice, warm person. I Hope this is not our last project :-)

Michał Kokot

Customer Advocate & Relationship Manager at Canon Polska

Kasia is characterized by an above-average commitment to cooperation and a constant willingness to share knowledge. She perfectly understands the use of complementary tools in sales (in both traditional and modern customer contact channels) and in particular, the ability to use LinkedIn as an element of the entire sales process. The combination of Kasia's sales experience and practical knowledge in the field of Social Selling allows for the appropriate adjustment of processes to Polish sales realities. Kasia also fits perfectly in the role of a manager and trainer: she has endless positive energy, the ability to motivate, deep empathy and an open approach to ideas that emerge during projects.

Dominik Franz

Właściciel firmy w MPH Dominik Franz

We met Kasia about a year ago. Since then, my perception of social selling has changed 180 degrees. Today I know how to build a profile in social media, how it works and how to use it professionally. When Kasia appeared at Canon Polska, marketing received solid support and worked on the use of social media. As a result, the sales department started with more steam, which resulted in the emergence of specific sales projects. We worked together on a project related to Linkedin and I learned a lot about it at that time. Creativity, ingenuity, and verbosity are the features that are probably in her DNA. I could always count on her help, good advice and she always had time to talk. We are thankful to Kasia! 

Rafał Placzyński

Product Manager w Audio Klan

If, awakened in the middle of the night, I had to unconsciously indicate a person that I associate with LinkedIn and a modern sales process, it would undoubtedly be Kasia. In my head, I have a picture of my perception of social selling before and after I came under the care of Kasia. With her help, my activity on LinkedIn took on a new meaning. I realized that it is a great tool not only for communication, but also for gaining invaluable knowledge about the needs of customers. Kasia's undoubted success is working on building a bridge of understanding between marketing and sales. I will always remember how she stood up for my colleagues from the sales department as well as showed their perspective. It was nice to witness the fall of more bastions of lack of faith in the power of social selling . It is thanks to Kasia's work and the Social Selling program that the first leads from social media activities appeared in the organization —and both outbound and inbound are the most enjoyable . To sum up, we have received great support in the organization by implementing the first phases of the social selling program so far. Due to her sales experience, Kasia knew exactly how to arrange the processes of modern sales by taking into account the use of social media, which are garnered higher and higher levels of use in the company. There are many consultants on the market, but Kasia is one of the leaders who deliver tangible results, not just promises. 

Krzysztof Staniec

Key Account Manager at Canon Polska

I had the pleasure of working with Kasia at Canon as part of the Social Selling program from the sales team. Earlier, I also used the results of Kasia's team at Toshiba Technology , where she gave us a huge amount of knowledge about the market accumulated during prospecting activities . Kasia has extensive knowledge in the area of Social Selling . It is particularly important that this knowledge is supported by solid commercial experience and practice in conducting prospecting activities in the B2B area. I am impressed by her knowledge and honest human communication. 

Mariusz Berggrun

Northern Region Director in Toshiba Tec Poland

Katarzyna Sitarska has unprecedented commitment as well as the ability to motivate and share her experience. An effective trainer. A great business partner. I highly recommend her wherever the development and effectiveness of the team come first.

Patryk Warski

Enterprise Printing Account Manager w HP

I had the opportunity to work with Kasia in the Social Selling project during my work at Canon. What I respect most in our cooperation is that Kasia has experience in sales and understands the work of a salesperson. Thanks to this, she adapted working with LinkedIn to real sales needs. Kasia's training not only gave me knowledge about the platform itself and how I can use this knowledge in my work, but also motivated me to be active on a regular basis.

Ilona Witczak-Wilińska

Senior Marketing Specialist at Canon Polska

At Canon Polska, we are constantly looking for effective and innovative ways to reach B2B customers. Hence, we have an interest in the subject of social selling. We started our first experiments with the use of LinkedIn a few years ago, but it was only when Kasia appeared on board as a consultant that we were able to develop these attempts into a structured and systematically developed program. Although the initiator of the social selling program at Canon was the B2B marketing department, from the very beginning we wanted the sales department to be its main beneficiary. That is why we were looking for someone in the world of social selling experts who, apart from marketing competences, would understand the perspective of a salesperson's everyday work. I think that the sales experience gained from previous professional experience played a very positive role for Kasia. I do not know too many people on the market who could combine these two perspectives (and it seems to me to be crucial for the success of social selling activities). Kasia, as an external consultant, brought to our team not only a lot of knowledge and experience, but also a lot of valuable conclusions resulting from the ability to closely observe. This allowed us to successfully manage 'crises' more than once before they occurred. She is eager to work, full of new ideas, able to 'read' the organization and adjust methods and tools to the current possibilities and needs of the company. I would definitely recommend working with Kasia, especially to those who believe in social selling and would like to put their sales organization on new paths of action.

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